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Since 1985, Hutten-Buchdienst has provided books, CD’s, newspapers, street maps and brochures to the public with titles in English, Afrikaans and German on a wide range of topics. Hutten-Buchdienst also has rare collectables which are seldom found in other book stores. In addition, we offer an order service for customers. If you have any further questions, or would like to place an order, please contact us at hutten.buchdienst@gmail.com

Major Jack Greef HC, PMM, MMM
Johnny Copelyn
A Greater Share of Honour
Maverick Insider
The Memories of a Recce Officer
A Struggle for Union Independence in a time of National Liberation
366 p 353 p
R 330 R 275

Jessica Pitchford Daniel Estulin
Blood on their Hands The True Story of the Bilderberg Group
General Johan Booysen reveals his Truth Since 1954, the world's most powerful people have met in secret once a year..... until now!
209 p 398 p
R 285 R 650

Stephen Mitford Goodson Stephen Mitford Goodson
A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind. Inside the South African Reserve Bank

Its Origins and secrets exposed.
206 p 152 p
R 240 R 210

John Perkins Darrell Hall
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man The Handbook of the Anglo Boer War
The shocking inside story of how America REALLY took over the world
250 p 272 p     HC
R 180 R 315

Basil van Rooyen

Jennifer Stern
Get your book published
Farm Stall to Farm Stall
in 30 (relatively) easy Steps A Food Lover's Guide to Farm Stalls and Markets In South Africa
460 p 192 p
R 180 R 220

Chris Schoeman Clive Wagner,
J du P. Bothma
The Historical Karoo The Soul of the Waterberg
Traces of the past in South Africa's Arid Interior A journey through the Waterberge Region of Limpopo.
294 p   HC 194 p  HC
R  280 R 400

Ben Erik van Wyk,
Bosch van Oudtshorn,
Nigel Gericke
Blood River
Medicinal Plants of South AfricaV.E. d' Assonville
A photographic guide70 p
336 p   R 68
R 350also available in Afrikaans

Gavin MenziesD. James Kennedy
1434How do I live for God?
The year a magnificent Chinese Fleet sailed to Italy and ignited the renaissance.This Book introduce seekers and new believers in the Christians worldview and promote confident faith among believers.
390 p200 p
R 195only R 80

Dr. Peter HammondDr. Pieter Hammond
Sketches from South African HistorySouth African History
29 Chapter Book 20 audio Lectures, 15 Power Point Presentations 30 Chapter PDF Book: Sketches of SA History   
200 p
R 98      special price: book + DVD    R 240R 180       special price: DVD + book    R 240